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May 3, 2012

OpenCL LuxMark2 Bench on HD 7750

With my desktop ring being upgraded, adding a HD7750 to the GTX260, I did some OpenCL LuxMark2 benchmark. It’s incredibly impressive on this kind of real-world useful GPGPU development. This is the SALA scene results, on GPU-only

HD5850M 1GB GDDR5: 115 points
HD6750M 1GB GDDR5:  71 points
GTX260 896MB GDDR5: 109 points

HD7750 1GB GDDR5: 321 points

It’s clearly ahead of the pack, and to be 3X faster than a GTX260 is incredible, the GTX260 delivers 875 GFlops and 112GB/s bandwidth, where the HD7750 delivers only 820Gflops and 72GB/s bandwidth. GCN is an incredible GPGPU architecture, and I wonder what is possible to do with a HD7970!

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