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April 16, 2012

nVidia stop GeForce GTX 580

With the advent of the new Kepler generation and GTX 680, nVidia decided to stop GTX 580 production, the new GTX 680 being the new flagship of the green brand.

The GTX 580 was the latest Fermi incarnation, with excellent gaming performance and was the best GPGPU card of it’s time, both for CUDA and OpenCL. The GTX 680 is a much faster gaming card, by a wide margin, but not a good GPGPU card. In fact GTX 680 GPGPU performance are deceptive, easily 30% slower than GTX 580 in many benchmarks that don’t try to reach the peak floating-point performance but measure speed in useful usage!

GTX 580 is actually preferred to GTX 680 for a majority of CUDA and OpenCL Developpers, so it’s sad that this card disappear, there’s no actual nVidia card to challenge AMD Radeon HD7000 series on the GPGPU world, the $499 GTX 680 performing even worse than the $249 HD7850 in many OpenCL benchmarks! This is clearly a no-go, and a huge shift from GPGPU to gaming-dedication for nVidia.

I think many CUDA developers are feeling sad today!

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