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September 18, 2012

nVidia and OpenCL support

nVidia have been the first major GPU designer to jump into the OpenCL wagon, a project initiated by Apple to enable cross-platform GPGPU development that is OS and vendor-agnostic, then maintained by the Khronos Group.

Today AMD and Intel are big players for OpenCL support, for both their CPU and GPU, while the new AMD Radeon GCN architecture is clearly performance leader on OpenCL when you use complex algorithms, while new nVidia Kepler architecture lag far behind the old Fermi architecture! Intel 2013 CPU+GPU architecture, Haswell, is expected to beat entry-level Kepler GT640 on any usage (Intel GT3 will beat it, trust me!).

nVidia have an hard time, with uneffective and deceptive Kepler architecture that is slower than AMD new architecture for both 3D and GPGPU, and could not even compete with 2010 nVidia architecture for GPGPU, on an open playfield that is OpenCL.

nVidia that was OpenCL leader is actually trying everything it could to stop supporting it, including removing comments or documentation in EXISTING OpenCL examples, not updating them, removing them from the SDK, etc.

Please read this open-letter to nVidia, and sign the petition!

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