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February 2, 2014

NSA unleashed

I was spied by local and foreign agencies since mid-2000′s, I had to strengthen security on my network, and have to isolate some of my development computers. Given the recent informations Edward Snowden gives us all, I might just have loss my time, since NSA and other agencies have incredibly efficient spying tools.

I am going back to OpenCL development, and don’t want to have them given to foreign companies, or even get examined by foreign agencies…

Through nVidia K20x (and now K40), I have received proposals to run my OpenCL developments on supercomputers based on USA, and paid by US agencies or US army. They never proposed me computers running on my country (Canada). If I would have accepted that to put my (virtual) hands on K20x or K40, I would have offered my code to any US agency, with a possible “leak” to US companies, that may use it, or even patent it or their own.

They are working hard to have insight into my personal work. They might already be able to spy on my main computers. I am clearly thinking about creating a strongly protected computer, non-networked, bought used, without sound I/O, to work on my personal projects for 2014. My code is MY code, not their. Happy 2014 NSA year!


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