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March 24, 2014

No more CUDA in the tag line…

Yes, I removed CUDA from the tag line, and there are reasons behind this choice.

No, CUDA is not an obsolete or bad technology. In face CUDA is edgy for GPGPU computing, and from my point of view, the best for High-Performance Computing, clusters, research, etc. There’s no doubt for me that CUDA is and will be the platform for HPC for the next decade to come!

As a Mac user, all my Macs now have AMD GPU, and/or Intel iGPU. My PC development box have an AMD GPU installed, and no nVidia GPU. Was my choice for this one, because I am switching to OpenCL.

I am not targeting HPC, I am targeting everyone’s computer, and in this sense, CUDA is not appropriate anymore. OpenCL runs very well on Intel iGPU, AMD GPU and also nVidia GPU. It also run perfectly on AMD CPU and Intel CPU (using AVX2 on Haswell with OS X!).

Portability is a concern, an open-platform is also a plus (including for personal choices), so I am using OpenCL, and no more CUDA. Don’t think CUDA is a bad technology, it’s the best GPGPU solution for HPC, and the best proprietary GPGPU solution (but limited to nVidia GPU, and that’s the point!).

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