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April 5, 2012

Kepler and GTX 680 worst than expected on GPGPU

Could you imagine that a GeForce GTX 680 ($499) could be slower than a passive Radeon HD7750 ($109) on OpenCL GPGPU computing? I thought GTX 680 was between HD 7950 and HD7870, but I was optimistic for nVidia!

Fact is, on true GPGPU computing, the 3.5 billion transistors, 1536core, 3Tflops, 192GB/s and 200W is surpassed by a 1.5 billion transistors, 512 core, 0.8 Tflops, 72GB/s and 55W card! You could check it on Tom’s hardware Bitmining where the GTX 680 is nearly as fast as HD 7750, and on LuxMark where HD 7750 is 33% faster than GTX 680!

Kepler is clearly not a GPGPU platform, contrary to anything nVidia promised, but a good gamer platform. And AMD is a clear leader in GPGPU, that is mandatory for it’s future APU generation, integrating GCN into it’s CPU in the near future.

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