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June 20, 2013

High-level Object-Oriented language chess engine

I am working on Chess Engine, in fact Chess Engines, and I choose to use high-level object-oriented scripting language!

This is totally inefficient to have a Chess Engine in High-Level language, especially Object-Oriented (and yes I do use classes, objects and it’s fun!): they are far slower than any low-level language, and couldn’t compare in any way to good optimized assembly code, using AVX or AVX2!

But for development, it’s much more funny and cool to use a high-level language, it’s tool, it’s ability to detect errors, including array index errors, and in fact the most important thing is not how you optimize your code, but the quality of the algorithms, and for Chess that’s all that matter.

Naturally, for a product, you will code it into low-level language (as ANSI-C or hand-written assembly for some functions), but this is the last part of the development, not it’s core.

So, I am writing Chess Engines, I have choosen names that are no more in use, but will speak to people in their late forties (as myself) or older, because, they are history, they were dreaming about them, and probably, they want to play with them again, a sense of history…

It’s also a tribute to Alain Turing, war hero – marathon man – computer scientist – IA pioneer – bad chess player – gay – genious (choose your flavor!), and also Dan & Kathe Spracklen, that have done the first microcomputer chess program that win a contest and beat million dollar minicomputers, they have made history of chess computing through TuroChamp and Sargon Chess.

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