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June 14, 2012

GT 640: Kepler for the rest of us

GT 640 is finally here, it’s Kepler for anyone, a $109 development platform equivalent to the AMD GCN HD 7750, the new architecture, base price, Less than 75W power used, and thus powered by the PCI Express bus, PCI-Express 3.0 16x interface, lot of video outputs :)

I am awaiting my own, to have my CUDA/OpenCL rig sporting a Radeon HD 7550 and nVidia GT 640, will be great to compare the two architectures, develop and optimize for them, and at some point I will upgrade to higher-end GCN and Kepler GPU, when ready, my PC having 2 PCI-Express 16X slots and a great power supply. From start, I deicded to go with an high-end power supply to be able to put two high-end GPU at any point.

Sadly the GT 640 consumer version is DDR3, with only 28GB/s bandwidth, and I don’t feel it will be comparable to Radeon HD 7750, even for 3D. On OpenCL it will clearly lag behind (more news when I will benchmark it!).

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